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A lot goes into scheduling and having aesthetic and wellness treatments done. To ensure we aren’t adding to your stress levels, we provide the patient forms and directions to the Thrive Wellness & Aesthetics clinic right here. Whether you want to be sure you know where we’re located or need to download and print out a medical history form, everything is here at your convenience.

Our Patient Testimonials

“I’ve never left a visit with Dana feeling overworked, I simply feel like a refreshed and well rested version of my best self. Perhaps best of all though, Dana is simply a lovely person who is obviously fully committed to her patients and is a pleasure to work with.”

“Overall, I would highly recommend Dana to anyone seeking a nurse injector. Her professionalism, knowledge, and compassionate care are truly exceptional, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

“Before meeting with Dana, I saw myself aging in the mirror despite feeling young inside. I had never had any type of aesthetic procedure done before and was very uncertain about doing anything. Dana immediately put me at ease and helped me define a treatment plan specifically designed for my needs. Within a few days the results were visible, and I was thrilled. I felt great both inside and out.”

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