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If your summer tan has faded and your skin feels and looks dull, a chemical peel can freshen and brighten your face. As a bonus, chemical peels make your skin more sensitive to UV rays, so waiting until winter helps you avoid unwanted discomfort.

Getting a chemical peel during the summer months can put you at risk for more UV damage, no matter how careful you are. When the sunlight is low, a chemical peel is a safer procedure.

How Does a Chemical Peel Work?

When you undergo a chemical peel, a skilled medical professional applies a chemical solution to your skin. This solution removes layers of damaged and dead skin cells. Functionally, the body treats peels as a wound, and your immune system sends collagen to the site. New cells are generated, and your skin becomes firmer as a result.

During the time right after your peel, your skin will be quite sensitive until the new dermis forms, so you will be instructed to avoid harsh sunlight and excessive heat. Waiting until winter when the days are short is an uncomplicated way to protect yourself.

What Other Benefits Will I See?

A chemical peel will lessen the impact of the sun and aging on your skin. This procedure can also remove discolorations and lessen the visibility of scars. If you have age spots or old acne scars, you may notice a striking reduction in the treated areas. Wrinkles, particularly fine lines around your eyes and mouth, will be much less visible.

If you have never undergone a cosmetic procedure and are concerned about the risks, consider a light peel. Depending on the product applied and the time it remains on the skin, you can also undergo a medium or a deep peel. Deep peels should only be done every three years, but regular light peels can be administered repeatedly.

What is the Recovery Process?

Remember that the body treats a chemical peel as a wound. After undergoing a light peel, you may notice changes in your skin for up to 7 days. It is a good idea to take a few days off to rest and let your immune system address this perceived wound. Plenty of rest and proper care will help your body produce collagen at the site of the peel.

This winter season is the perfect time to pamper yourself– snuggle in and rest during these long hours of winter darkness all while your appearance improves on its own! In addition to following aftercare instructions, you may want to add a healthy supply of fresh fruits and veggies to boost your antioxidant intake. You do not have to do anything while your results get to work. Instead, kick back, watch movies that soothe your spirit, or read a few favorite books. However, you should practice resting with your head in an elevated position to avoid any inflammation.

Schedule Your Consultation

A conversation with nurse practitioner Dana Protomastro can easily answer any questions you have about your options for a winter chemical peel. Before your appointment, make a list of the issues you have noticed in your skin so you can discuss your options in terms of the intensity of your peel and other treatment options. Thrive Wellness and Aesthetics can help you achieve the skin of your dreams, so schedule your consultation at our Mt. Kisco, NY location today. If you schedule now, you will be able to block out the time you need to heal and enjoy fresher, younger-looking skin in the new year.


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